Mainstreaming Innovation for Adoption of Low Carbon Technologies

Online Workshop
Online Workshop

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 Mainstreaming Innovation for Adoption ofLow Carbon Technologies


22/May/2020, 1030 hrs – 1300 hrs


1030 hrs – 1105 hrs: Inaugural

Open with a 2-minute Introductory video of FLCTD project


1030 hrs           Opening Remarks                  Dr. Rene van Berkel, Representative, UNIDO Regional Office, India          

1035 hrs           Special Address                      Mr. Abhay Bakre, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency

1045 hrs            Address                                  Mr. Pranjal Sharma, Economic Analyst, Advisor and  Writer Focusing on Technology and Industry 4.0

1055 hrs           Closing Address                      Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman, Chairman, Energy Efficiency Council,  CII-Godrej GBC and President, Danfoss India


1110 hrs – 1210 hrs: Panel Discussion – Innovations and Industry

3½ minute video Clips of - TESSOL + Shakti Pump 

1110 hrs          Opening Remarks by Moderator     Mr. R. K. Rai, Secretary, Bureau of Energy Efficiency

  Question & Answer with panel members


1120 hrs       Mr N. K. Ranganath                                   Ambassador, Grundfos India, Chennai

1130 hrs       Mr. Atul Prakash,                                       Vice President, Godrej Industries Ltd, Mumbai*

1150            Prof. R. S. Aggarwal                                        Senior Advisor, Ozone Cell, MoEFCC, New Delhi (Retd. Prof. IIT Delhi & Expert Panel Member)

1140            Mr. Datta Kuvalekar                                        Director, Research & Development*, Forbes Marshall, Pune

Q & A session                                                                                                   


1210 hrs – 1250 hrs: – Innovations in India and FLCTD Support

 1210 hrs          Opening Remarks by Moderator        Mr. Sanjaya Shrestha, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO, Austria                     

                         Followed by 1 round of Q & A with 3 panel members                                                  

1215 hrs           Dr. Milind Rane    Institute Chair Professor, Heat Pump Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay and Expert Panel Member, WHR Technology Vertical, FLCTD

1220 hrs           Mr. Mayur Karmarkar   Director, SE Asia, International Copper Association, And Expert Panel Member, Pumps and Motors Technology Vertical, FLCTD project

1225 hrs           Mr. G. C. Modgil           Sterling India, New Delhi; Regional Vice-Chair ASHRAE, and Expert Panel Member, Space Conditioning Technology Vertical, FLCTD project

1230 hrs           Introduction to 3 New Technology Areas     Dr. Rene Van Berkel  

Q & A session   1240hrs                                                                                   

1255 hrs           Close